Amendements of Georgian Government decree N 57, 15 January has started

 January 14, 2015 The Georgian State Hydrographic Service held meeting which was attended by Head of Poti Seaport State Supervising and Control captain Mr. Vakhtang Tavberidze, Vessel Traffic Service technical manager Mr. Pavel Zabalotski, and representatives of Georgian Coast Guard : Deputy of Coast Guard Operational Management , Head of I (Poti) division , second-ranking captain of Georgian Board police Mr. Iuri Pogorelski, Head of Coast Guard Operations management Division (Poti) of Ship, third -ranking captain of Georgian Board police Mr. Giorgi Lomidze.. Deputy of Coast Guard Operational Management, Head of I (Poti) regional management division, second-ranking captain Mr. Paata Bigvava The meeting dealt with amendments of Georgian Government January 15, 2015 N 57 decree ,, Georgian Territorial sea traffic separation schemes, separation of sea corridors and special areas in the sea ". The meeting discussed following: Determining and coordinating of Kolkheti Nature Reserve board , Giving name of special precautions to the circular motion district, changing of floating navigational signs, and changing location of naval mine. According with discussed issues should be made special charts , which would be offered to the government to submit decree N 57 15 January 2015.