PRIMAR Members Meeting in Poland


On  November  20-21 of  the  current  year  the XX  International  meeting  of  Regional  Electronic-Navigation  Chart  Distribution  company (PRIMAR} and  Electronic  Navigation Centre ( ENC) was held in Poland .

The meeting were attended  by  the  representatives  of  the  different  countries, British  distribution  company - ICENC  and  Georgian  State  Hydrographic  Service  Hydrologic Research Engineer  Giorgi  Kartvelishvili.

During  the  visit  were  discussed  PRIMAR  financial  issues  planned  budget  of  the  following  year  and  the  new  financial  agreement  foreseeing  collecting  Royalties  from  PRIMAR  chart  realization, was  activated.

Georgian  State  Hydrographic  Service  presented  one  more  new  electronic  chart,  what  will  be  sold  out  by  the  global  electronic  net.