Poti Lighthouse

Poti  Lighthouse  is  one of the buildings decorating  Poti seaside since the XIX century. It is not only  the strategic unit, but is an interesting architectural composition too. In 2013 it became 149 years old. It is an cast  iron tower, what was  ordered  in England  in 1860. In 1862 it was casted in separate parts by an engineer-mechanics from an English company “EASTON  AMOS & SONS”.  In 1864 it was put into operation: Lighthouse construction parts were delivered from London to Odessa, the Black sea port. From there it was delivered to Poti on a commercial steamer.

The Lighthouse have undergone much development and improvement .It was last refurbished in 1967. The tower, what has from of a cones with a cut top, is assembled from cast iron plates,  joined by the nuts. Its height from bottom to roof makes 39,8m.

In 2011 it was rehabilitated-reconstructed by the Hydrographic Service. Nowadays it has a lot of visitors. From the top of the tower a beautiful view of the city is opened.