Qualification upgrading trainings for Synoptic Department of Georgian State Hydrographic Service

Qualification upgrading training-seminars are helding at Ministry of Economy and  sustainable Development LEPL “ Georgian State Hydrographic Service” . During one week Scientific Research group of State Ecology University of Ukraine will train personnel of Synoptic department. In the frame of training-seminars the new weather forecast progrramme will be discussed, hence it will increase percentage of weather forecast prediction consilience. Themes of training: 1. Geography of weather forecast digital models.. Leading centers of weather prediction and consortium. Modern global and regional models exploitation specifications. 2. Using of weather forecast data in operational practice. 3. Using objective analysis in weather forecast prediction. 4. Using of atmosphere dynamics in weather forecast calculations. 5. Using of geostationary satellites Meteosat Second Generation (MSG) multichannel data, channel characterization and their use. . Composite images used to monitor the evolution of meteorological phenomena. Usage of composite images in meteorological fact evolution monitoring. 6. Using of convective instability characteristics and indexes in operational practice. 7. Using of cumulonimbus clouds, turbulence and freeze projections for world area forecast system (WAFS). 8. Modeling of Engineer Meteorologist actions algorithm in convective mode by using software Forecast Laboratory 2015. 9. Fluctuation forecast of Georgia sea port waters 10. Sea level. Georgia sea water level variability. 11. Sea storm forecast.