July 16, in 2012

July 16, in 2012 in Georgian State Hydrographic Service visited a variety of television, magazines, newspapers and travel agency representatives, who were interested the history of lighthouse, which is located in the city of Poti, they noted, that the lighthouse will continue to function in terms of as a practical safety navigation, also spectacular, the tourist activity too. Poti lighthouse is one of the building, which is  decorated of our seaside city’s from 19-th century. It is not only strategic object, it gives the orientation of any person living in Poti.  Poti lighthouse  is already entered into in the 3-rd century. In 2012 it became 150 years old. Lighthouse height is 39,8 m. It is built from cast-iron tiles. Lighthouse is made in England in 1862, by the English company “ESTON AMOS@ SONS”.