2 synoptic devices (Buoy EBM18-OC  EBM18) were purchased from world’s famous Spanish company MSM, a manufacturer of marine technologies. The devices were put at Batumi and Poti marine areas; Both are yellow colored and made of plastic material. A sensors are installed on each buoy which measure: 

Wind direction and velocity;

Air temperature and humidity;

Air pressure;

Rainfall amount and visibility;

Wave height, direction and velocity in the sea;

Water temperature and salinity;

Current direction and velocity;

Monitoring system is placed on the floating navigation marks. A new apparatus with automatic controlling system has been introduced for navigation security reasons. Main task for the controlling system is to get information about condition of the floating navigation devices. Abovementioned system can collect and transmit information via satellite or radio canal with GS standard about condition of the floating navigation devices during planned, non-planned or emergency session communication.